Friday, June 24, 2011

My 10 Piece Travel Set: 9 down, 1 to go!

Wow, I am actually getting closer! These are my pieces number 8 and 9 for my ten piece fall/winter/spring travel set! I have already presented them on my dress form in the last post, but here they come, modeled by me:

I have already presented the skirt, too, with a full how-to/tutorial HERE, in case you are interested. It features half-circle pockets and a visible zip in the back:

But my biggest pride at the moment is this shirt:

It is made of the softest knit jersey I have ever laid my hands on. It came in a scraps package I won on ebay and was not a big piece, only about 160cm x 50 cm (63 in x 20 in).

It would have been plenty of fabric for a t-shirt in total, but as you probably know, you can definitely not take a knit fabric cross-wise. For that reason I came up with the design with a yoke and bib, and that is also why the "hem" on the front is so wide... I used an old curtain-thingy (or was it meant as table runner?) for the yoke and bib, and I cut the collar and sleeves out of an old underskirt. It is regular white cotton shirt fabric. First I felt bad about cutting it up, but what's the point if I never use it for anything? And don't worry, I saved the trim!

I started by copying down the yoke part from another shirt, then made pleats into rectangular pieces before cutting out a bib to my liking, and so forth, until a cute little shirt emerged... Oh, and yes, I did use the original edge of the curtain-thingy for my button closure. Partly lazy, partly smart. You decide.

Sorry, these are definitely not instructions, I had to figure it all out myself, first. Now that I have the shirt though, I would like to make about another 20 in all different color combinations, that's how much I like it. I love T-shirts, as they don't need much ironing and are comfortable, but they are usually so plain. Well, definitely not this one! Oh and yes, I did use my serger for some seams, and with much better success than last time!
Little vintage buttons

It's definitely one of my most favorite combinations from my travel set so far.
And speaking of the fall/winter/spring set... this is how I would wear these pieces in somewhat cooler temperatures:
Maybe like this for a walk in the park, or a visit at a friends place, or to go see a movie... Here in combination with my circle jacket.
And now, let's have fun and play around with the new possibilities for combinations!

The skirt goes really well with the carmen blouse (full tutorial on that one HERE!). I could imagine a city stroll, or a visit to Grandmas in that outfit, maybe a nice dinner invitation...

Maybe with black boots (need a new pair!) and the jacket...

And what about combining the skirt with the Shirt-T? I could go run around a playground with my friends kids like that:

...but then again, there are things I'd rather do. Like put on the VEST and run around in freshly fallen snow and get into a snowball fight.

The coat is big enough to fit OVER the vest and really keep me warm...

Hey, get this: I am wearing 4 me-made pieces at the same time here. I should have put on my hat, too, to make it five...

Here's a shot of the coat, posted HERE, in case you have forgotten about it. Alright, alright, it is summer now and coats don't rock your boat at the moment. Well, I DID think I could finish this set faster...

Are you ready for real coolness now? Here comes:

I love the look of the new shirt with my black shorts! If I were cool, I'd get invited to cool-people-parties, and then I would definitely wear this. Maybe with the jacket:

Maybe with the coat, you know, you'd only need it on the street to get to the cool party, where it's HOT, because COOL people gather together. So all you have to do is take your coat off and be comfy:

Too bad I don't get invited to cool people's parties. Instead, I need a feel-good outfit too, one for days you don't want to be super duper exiting.

Maybe all you want to do is hang out on your mothers couch in front of the fireplace, wear very comfortable wool pants, marvel at your old brogues that you just re-polished, look out the window and decide you will stay in ALL DAY. 

And you certainly don't care that the set-up of the camera that way is actually quite unflattering.

Well now, go ahead and enjoy the summer temperatures! But mark my words, the next fall/winter is right around the corner, and I WILL be the cool kid on the block! :-)

In case you were not amused with all the links throughout this post, here they are again all in one place. Please be amused now, please - it took me a while to get it all together :-)

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Take care you cool people out there - and if you're not so cool either, let's work on that together :-)


  1. This has to be my favorite post of yours to date. It looks like you are having a lot of fun with your travel set! And your shirt is really cute, I love the pintucks and buttons!

  2. Klasse! Ich hätte nicht gedacht dass die Teile, die ja jedes für sich etwas Besonderes haben, so gut zusammenpassen. Ich meine, bis auf die Hose vielleicht würde man hier im Modezeitschriften-Sprech nicht von "Basics" reden, und die sind es doch angeblich, die "jede Frau" braucht. Dein travel set ist der Beweis, dass es auch ganz anders geht - vielleicht ist der "Trick" (oder zumindest ein Trick) wirklich, sich für eine Taillenlinie zu entscheiden, wie du anlässlich der Hose sagtest. Danke auch für das Rock-tutorial, das nun schon ein paar Tage her ist - es beantwortet für mich nämlich die Frage, wie man so einen sichtbaren Reißverschluss am besten behandelt, das behalte ich mir mal im Hinterkopf.

    viele Grüße!

  3. Ich bin beeindruckt. Die Sachen passen wunderbar untereinander und wie Du schreibst erschaffen sie immer wieder neue Charaktere.
    Ich freue mich immer widder an deinen Kleidungsstücken!
    Viele Grüße

  4. Mir persönlich gefällt das Outfit mit der Wollhose sehr, sehr gut. Das ist sehr speziell aber irgendwie total schöööööööön. :-)