Sunday, August 18, 2013

A Shirt and a Skirt getting married... (with step-by-step)

Here it is, this months contribution to the refashion co-op!

I had this skirt in my closet for a long time, having only worn it once. It was really pretty and all, just not the right length for me, and gaping a lot at the waist (see picture below). And then there was this top which was such a perfect fabric match - they were just meant for each other:

Oh let's just have a little more fun! Here goes:

NOW you understand why I never wore that skirt!

So I measured my underbust width and cut the skirt to that width - on the side where the zipper was. I also measured how long I needed the shirt part to be in order to just cover my bust and cut it there. In both cases of course leaving enough seam allowance - especially on the skirt side, for the new zipper...:

The skirt was lined. I cut the waistband and zipper off and the two layers came apart. I made sure the crochet part was going to be below the waist where I wanted it - I didn't want it at exactly waist hight -  in summer I often prefer not to have very tight waist bands... and it would have turned out too short in general anyway.

I made pleats under the bust and on the back piece of the top until the skirt and top part had the same width, and sewed them together.

Next I installed a zipper - the old one would have been too short now, so I had to use a new one - alas, mine came from an old pair of pants, so real re-fashionning here!
I optioned for a very regular covered zipper, no hand-picking or anything, but I really think in a side seam like that it is good enough.

By the way - please excuse all the badly ironed pictures! it is simply too hot to have the iron on right now!

Next I took the skirt lining and sewed it to the seam allowances on the inside, covering those up nicely in the end:
(Again, please excuse the bad wrinkles!)

Dress inside out

I also sewed the lining to the zipper and seam allowances on the left side. I only wish I had something to cover up the top of the zipper, where it is sewn to the top part...

Then I pulled a band through the crochet part of the skirt:

...and finished it off with beads:

I could lie and tell you this was all a plan, but I actually thought I was going to be finished by that point. But the top part didn't fit right between underbust and hip, so I added this band closure. Sometimes the best things happen by chance, if you just let it...

Back of the dress

I also sewed the band to the top band of the shirt for extra loveliness:

And - ta-daa, done!

But enough with the dress form! Once again I am pleased to say: I think it looks better on me than on her!

Another dress for zero money, and I have gotten rid of two more pieces that clog up the closet and aren't ever worn. I just fell in love with re-fashioning again.

Make sure you check out the refashion co-op! Lots of cool people show lots of great re-fashions. It is a truly inspiring place!



  1. OMG! perfect refashion!

  2. Amazingly amazing! Great transformation, I especially love the inclusion of the ribbon at the back. Great job :)

  3. Tamara @ EtcetorizeAugust 19, 2013 at 4:22 AM

    Wow! I love this transformation. It really looks very pretty on you. I'll have to keep that back lacing idea in mind for the next time I have something that doesn't fit quite right~

  4. As always, just gorgeous! I love the added touches with the blue ribbon. :) Lisa

  5. Francine Johnson McGeeOctober 8, 2013 at 3:59 AM

    What a wonderful idea! I love the lacing in the back! Then it gives room to loosen up a bit in hot weather too, if needed. It looks so wonderful, you would never know it wasn't designed that way in the beginning! It is a very lovely dress on you as well! I love how you are able to come up with such creative ideas for difficulties that may arise, and how wonderful they look when you are done. If you hadn't told us, we would have all thought you planned it that way!

  6. Francine Johnson McGeeMay 27, 2014 at 5:59 PM

    Wow Again! I just ran into this again, and it was new all over again for me, and there I am a few months ago writing another glowing review. I have to say this is one of the best refashions I have ever seen, and if there are better ones, they have been done by you. Everything you make looks professionally done, and is always perfectly "you". You have inspired me to get going doing some upcycling, instead of just looking at pictures of it.

    I have a pretty cool pattern for a tunic that I got from the artist on the website it would be a great pattern to use as a guideline for refashioning. Check out her gallery of like 200 different tunics she has done, and dresses. She always changes up and has the body of the tunic body contrast with the sleeves and pockets, I could see taking 2 different oversized shirts, and turning them into one very cool tunic.

    Thank you for sharing your awesome talents with the rest of us, you truly are an inspiration! Happy Sewing, Fran

  7. Thank you so much!!!

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