Thursday, March 24, 2011

Very Warm Tweed Pants

May I present to you my first piece for the "10 piece winter travel set"?
It's a pair of warm trousers, made of a tweed that I instantly fell in love with. I LOVE tweed. Even though it's basically brown, it's somehow much more than that, if you know what I mean...

Here I combined it with my Jean Top, which I had planned as part of my 10 piece set too, but it got kicked off the list...

The legs are cut really wide, so that I can wear it with very thick, woolen grandmother tights, which is just not possible under jeans, right? And I lined them, so they slide easily even with those heavy duty tights under it... (click the button to read more!)

I actually finished them over a month ago and have worn them a lot. Winters can get brutally cold in Vienna, and these kept me cozily warm and happy. The pattern is quite basic - I copied it off a pair of my favorite slacks. That is something I usually don't do anymore, but I was a bit too lazy to draft my own pattern. I took it a little more precisely than I used to as a teen, actually measuring angles and jotting down numbers. It was fun and worked well, but I still think my pride will make me draft my own pattern next time (that way, I could share it here, too...).
I enhanced the seams by making French seams, which was a bit tricky on the seam with the zipper. I actually had to sew right side to wrong side, which was extremely strange. Bare with me - once I gather up more readers I will post actual tutorials for special features like this. I posted a picture of it, but I doubt you can really figure it out - Sorry!
Right now, I just want to get a good head start on this blog...

These pants have no pockets, but I think with the thick fabric and wide cut it would just have been too much. I guess this would be "Marlene-style", which they always say is no good for short legs like mine, but hey, do I really care? It brings out curves nicely, and we LIKE curves! :-)

By the way - when coming up with a 10 piece set like this, I think one of the most important things is to decide on a waist-line. If you have one of your bottoms cinched in your waist, but the next has a low hip fit, the tops probably won't be interchangeable as well. So I decided to go for a high waist-line, it's the most flattering on my body and I am giddily happy it's back!

Oh yes, I had a tiny bit of fabric left over and made this hat. Can you tell that I love it?

 Next up: The faux fur vest!


  1. Your blog looks so nice! Can't wait to see more posts from you.

  2. These pants are gorgeous. Very Marlene indeed ! It would be wonderful if you could post a pattern of a similar style one day ! Keep up the good work !