Wednesday, March 23, 2011

My 10 Piece Winter Travel Set!

About a year ago, I found a 10 piece travel set in a magazine from 1953. I loved it so much - all the pieces, as well as the idea of having 10 home sewn pieces that can be combined with each other - that I have decided to come up with my very own 2011 version.

Here is the one from 1953 (and yes, I did sew every single piece of it!):

Source: Vorbachs Neue Moden, Heft 5, 1953

And here are my 10 pieces:

Since the one from 1953 was for Spring/Summer/Fall I decided to make mine a Fall/Winter/Spring version. Especially since - of course! - the first time I could have used mine was in winter and definitely too cold for the summery pieces. Just as in the vintage version I decided that it had to include the outer wear - a coat in this case. I also want my set to be as versatile as the original. It has to include an outfit for a concert/theater, as well as something for more sportive days, or a visit at my grandmas, a party or a city shopping spree... The possibilities were endless, but tricky non the less. I didn't want to go with boring basics - not in shapes, nor in colors. When I decided I wanted to use my stash as much as possible it got a little easier, as the color scheme was getting more limited this way. I was thankful not to have to make ALL the decisions!
I will use some commercial patterns, some vintage, and I will make the rest myself - so I guess this is only partly "design", the rest I'd call "styling". The dress is the only piece I am not sure about yet. I really want a dress that is suitable for frosty winter days. I often go to the theater, and it is always a problem to find an elegant outfit when it's freezing.

Do I hear you ask whether I made a little paper doll that can wear all these clothes? Why, yes, of course! I was having a bit too much fun with it, too. I will color the pieces one by one, whenever I have them finished, and let my little croquis present them to you. :-)

Here is my vintage version, all stitched up:

You can find more pictures at my BurdaStyle studio:

Part 1: Blouse and Skirt

Part 2: Vest and Sweater

Part 3: Blazer and Top

Part 4: Sundress (Skirt and Top are separate)

Part 5: Romper and Corsage Jacket

A few pieces of my modern version are actually already sewn, so this will continue soon...


  1. What a great idea! Gorgeous realization of the 1953 line.

  2. This is the neatest thing I have seen. I was so happy to stumble upon your blog from your BurdaStyle site. Loving the vintage travel set and looking forward to your 2011 version.

  3. Oh WOW! What a stunning set of clothes. You look amazing. You must have so much discipline to have sewn all those pieces.

  4. Thank you all SO much! Truth is, after completing the 1953 version (which of course took MUCH longer than I estimated), I think I really must be crazy to do another 10 piece set. But then again, I end up with favorite pieces that don't match up with ANYTHING in my closet all too often... so...
    I think from now on, sets will be all I'll ever do. No, that is NOT a promise.

  5. I am so incredibly inspired by this project and also your winter set, I've been dreaming up a ten piece for myself! let's see if it happens!