Monday, March 21, 2011

Make me happy Jean Top!

Isn't it one of the most important things on a rainy day, that your outfit makes you feel good?
I got lucky one day and inherited an old pair of jeans from my man. It had ugly oil stains, so luckily I didn't even get tempted to wear them as boyfriend jeans. There also was a funky piece of jean fabric in my stash (from a skirt I once made considerably shorter):
Add to that the inspiration from an amazing Céline jean top (oh, how I love boat necks! Oh, how I love Céline!) and end up with this little number that has the potential to cheer me up!

I used my basic front bodice pattern for the general shape. Instead of darts, I made the upper pattern piece (above the under bust seam) wider than the lower one. Makes sense? By the way, there is a great basic bodice pattern on the BurdaStyle site, for free! Here: basic-bodice-pattern . I made my own, using my personal measurements, but I bet the Burda bodice would be a good start.

Besides, if you look (too) closely, you will notice the stress folds in the back, so my fit isn't perfect. After making my personal basic bodice pattern, I didn't think I needed a muslin. Lesson learned! So why is it that I believe I might make the same mistake again next time? Sheesh...

I didn't have a zipper on hand, so I used the snap buttons on the left side instead - I really wanted to use what I had at home, otherwise I wouldn't have come up with this idea. Lovely though, right? Now I have a new top for zero money, yay! Of course I also had to use one of the original pockets, even though it might not be all that practical.

 Ok, I admit - I still prefer non-rainy weather.


  1. Love this top - very creative!

  2. Such a cute top and such a nice idea! Ich liebe es :)

  3. one of the best demin refashions I've ever seen....very original and details are superb

  4. A great designer look. I love denim refashioned. Please do some more!

  5. Gorgeous love this

  6. What a great project!

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