Saturday, May 3, 2014

How to make (lined!) Espadrilles: Full Tutorial!

Finally, home-made Espadrilles - DONE!

...and it really wasn't a difficult thing at all! I had the soles already made - see my post HERE, and my video-tutorial on YouTube.

These are definitely more than house-shoes, since I added some rubber soling to make them durable.
All the tools/materials you need are these: well as a sewing machine and an iron.

I made my pair pretty complex, with a lining and some extra padding on the insole. Many store-bought ones aren't lined and actually constructed much simpler than mine, but I figured I might as well add some extras.

Here is the full tutorial, it's only 10 minutes long:

Everything is in the video, but if you don't feel like watching it now, or if you just want a quick preview, here are some stills:

I'm showing you how to make the paper pattern
...the inside of my uppers...
I put some elastic into the heel to make sure it stays up...
Sewing the lining
I put in an extra insole for a very soft inside...

Before closing the upper...
Just before attaching it to the sole

Edge stitching the sole
Now just think of all the possibilities, not only for interesting, creative Espadrille-uppers, but other shoes using the braided soles...!

If there was more time in my days, I'd start another pair immediately! But for now, I'll dance off in these...

Be sure to leave me any questions or suggestions you might have, either here, or on my YouTube channel.

Take care!
Best, Katja


  1. These are amazing!!! Thank you so much for the wonderful tutorial and idea.

  2. I love getting your blog posts! I'm so inspired. I've been wanting to make my own shoes for years as I have very narrow feet and difficulty finding shoes that fit. I'm going to start with your espadrilles. What kind of glue do you use (that stays elastic when dry)?

  3. Oh good, that sounds great! I'd love to see them when you're done! I have several different glues - depending what country you live in, you might not get those brands. Mine are from Uhu, a "Kontakt Kraftkleber", even meant for repairing shoes (re-glueing the soles...), one is Kövulfix, which I got from an online shoe supply store, and one called "Klebfest". You will definitely find something suitable in any hardware store. Glues for leather, cork, felt/fabrics, that say permanently elastic or flexidry... Good luck!

  4. I love it ! thanks for the tuto !