Sunday, May 26, 2013

Blazer - matching my me-made shoes...

Usually you buy shoes to match an outfit, but this time it was the other way 'round:  I had made these shoes in London and had no jacket to go with them... 
In came CUT Nr. 8 01/13, containing a cool blazer pattern with leather detail on the shoulder, and I just had to make it. Just like in my backpack recently (from the same CUT issue), I was able to use left-over leather from the shoe-course. You can leaf through the CUT magazine here, I am not getting anything for this recommendation by the way, I just really think it's a cool magazine and leaf-through feature... But enough of this linking-galore, on to the pictures!

I really love the lapel-shoulder design, with the lapel only on the front piece, and no collar on the back, but a leather piece instead:

I chose a pretty fancy fabric, a petrol colored wool/cotton satin gabardine I believe, with a beautiful shine that doesn't photograph too well...

This is the last project I sewed with my old machine, and you can see that the stitches are a little too short, causing the seams to be a bit "tight". It shows up much more in the pictures than in real life though, as always with shiny fabrics... Nevertheless, I was impressed how my machine was able to sew the leather without much difficulty! A leather needle is a must, and a walking foot possibly a great help...

The lining is a contrasting rust-colour, which is why I have rolled up the sleeves...
And yes, of course I can wear it with my shoes!

The back is pretty simple, which I like a lot. The only thing I would probably treat differently next time is the hem. But CUT makes easy patterns, which can be sewn up by beginners, too, so that is probably the reason. 

All in all, a very successful project. I have worn it already, which is a great sign for a life outside of my closet for this new wardrobe staple... :-)

Best to all of you and a happy weekend!


  1. Looks like that could be worn everyday. I just love the long collar.

  2. the leather yoke is a really nice touch on your blazer

  3. Francine Johnson McGeeOctober 8, 2013 at 4:05 AM

    It looks wonderful! What kind of machine did you have, and what kind did you get? I have several old sewing machines, and for some things they are wonderful, as an old Singer makes a GREAT straight stitch, and their metal gears really give them some umph!

  4. Francine Johnson McGeeOctober 8, 2013 at 4:07 AM

    I forgot to mention, that I do enjoy the stitches the newer machines have however. I feel badly for the women who had to sew their entire wardrobes by hand. My hands hurt just thinking about it! I really love the shoes you have made so far also! That is something I have always wanted to learn. I may just give it a go, now that I have found your blog.

  5. Hi Francine! I had a real cheap plastic machine, which survived surprisingly long. I now own a solid metal vigorelli, which I love - especially for it's even stitches. However, I might buy one of the fancy new machines at some point, too, for their convenient button-hole-functions... Can you ever own too many machines? ;-)