Sunday, June 10, 2012

Original Vintage Refashion!

Yes, I promised a new free pattern, and I am almost ready with it. But first I had to fit in my monthly contribution to the refashion co-op! After last months huge success with the 9 shirts off his back, I wasn't sure whether I was going to be able to live up to the expectations for my next project... :-) But how about this - an original 1943 Refashion project?

I own a few German pattern magazines from the 40's and they feature a one-page refashioning section! They certainly had to use all the resources they could get their hands on. In this example, they suggest using an old long-sleeve blouse on which the collar, buttons, underarms and cuffs are torn up and turn it into this cute short-sleeve version, for which you can cut away all the problematic areas...

They even provide the pattern and show you how you best lay it out on the old piece of clothing (bottom of the page):

I used a 3/4 sleeve pure silk blouse which was about 3 sizes too big for me, and a white shirt which I had literally worn to shreds:

First I actually took apart the white blouse and copied down the pattern. It doesn't cost much time and is sure worth it for a piece of clothing that you have worn so much that it falls apart. Now I can easily just sew it up again...

Anyway, on to the blouse! I had to make the button closure first. It would be fun and even faster to make this project using a blouse which has a button closure still intact for the front inset! I think I'll do that at some point, but for this one I had to use a fabric that went well with the light-weight silk of the other blouse.
I love how the buttons are spaced. A little detail that I probably wouldn't have thought of myself...

 After that I only had to cut out the rest of the pattern out of the old blouse and sew it all together. It was done in no time...

A very straight forward project, and other than making the pattern a bit smaller for me, I left it totally original.

It has no darts and it is a very comfortable, yet tailored-looking little blouse. I think it will become a new favorite... Here's the back, plain and simple:

It can be worn in or out, with skirts or pants, dressed up or down...

Pretty, right? Take care and have a great sewing weekend!


  1. Oh I so love your 

  2. (... darf ich auf Deutsch?

    Das ist sowas von toll!!! Ich bin schwer begeistert! :D

  3. Gorgeous and the fit is terrific on you!

    I admire the magazine's perspective on sewing so I will be on the lookout for this era of sewing magazines.

    Thank you!

  4. What a brilliant and very stylish idea.
    I agree with you about the button hole placement - gorgeous re-fashion.

  5. This blouse looks totally awsome.  Great re-fashion project

  6. Great idea. Just LOVE IT!

  7. Wow that is really cute! So vintage-y, simple, just the right amount of details...
    Very elegant, I love it!! Love the updated look by pairing it with jeans, so cute!!

  8. It´s darling!  And I have some blouses that don´t fit quite right..... I think I even have a black and a white!  Thanks so much for sharing!