Monday, May 7, 2012

Simple T-Shirt Refashion gone difficult

Well didn't I feel all smart when I realized how I could simply pull one strap of a way-too-big shirt down over the shoulder and come up with a fancy one-shoulder top?

I sure did! In the photo below, nothing is cut or sewn yet , I just pulled the neck down and it already looked good. So I thought "Easy, this will be done in 15 minutes!" ....

I cut off the excess fabric:

...put the shirt back on the dress form, and had a huge gap. I felt dumb. Really dumb.

But I pretended nothing out of the ordinary had happened and just kept on going. I draped the excess length on the "off-shoulder-side" around the bust until I liked the shape and stitched it in place by hand. I did the same in the back (which was considerably more difficult to get into shape).

I continued pretending the gap was intended, and in fact, cut it out even more, into a somewhat even rectangle shape:

...into which I set a side piece. And you know what? It came out all fine and good. Maybe even better than if I hadn't cut off too much fabric and the drapy sides would have met in a side seam. That might have turned out bulky.

Please ignore the loose serger stitches. I wasn't in the mood to fiddle with that anymore... and since I usually don't walk around with my arm lifted way over my head, it isn't that bad...

While I am not sure I would do it like this again next time, I am pleased with the save and the result. If you have a shirt that's big enough to pull the neck over the shoulder, maybe you can come up with a neater solution? Let me know if you do!

Another re-fashion is on it's way already. This one will be very different, about six pieces turned into one! So far it looks promising :-)


  1. I love the one shoulder look, and the print of this shirt is awesome!! I did a similar post a couple weeks ago :)

  2. Beautiful, I like so much

  3. Heyyyy! Welcome back! And that looks cool, really like the little leaves print, and good save with the rectangle inset and all. You've done well! Your mannequin looks super new.. also your header..

  4. I am glad to hear others do these silly things!  What a great save!

  5. Yeeeeea, old problem, when one wants to keep the binding the 'lazy style' = welcome in 'the club' (or rather 'my club' since done similar stupid in the past)