Tuesday, May 10, 2011

My 10 Piece Winter Travel Set: 7 down, 3 to go!

Oh people, I am excited - my ten piece winter set is slowly but surely coming together. I can already combine a few pieces differently and come up with several outfits!
UPDATE: I posted a full tutorial for this blouse HERE.
Here are my pieces number six and seven:

 A dotted blouse and black shorts. The blouse pattern is made by me - I will share a little how-to on this blog hopefully by the end of this week! - and the shorts are actually the Karl Lagerfeld skirt from BWO 10/2010, turned into shorts.
If you want to look at a few more pictures and get some details, click on the little "read more" button right underneath...

The blouse was so easy to make once I just started! I feared it, because I had to come up with the pattern myself, but it was easy, I didn't even make a muslin (although that is not something I want to brag about - LAZY me!). I had the fabric in my stash as well as those cute little pearl-buttons.

You can change the width of the neck with a little band, depending on the time of day... The blouse can be worn in or out. I think I'll wear it out with the tweed pants, but for the shorts, in is better, so you see the cute buttons and flaps from the shorts. To turn the skirt into shorts I took a pair of shorts I own, copied the pattern of the crotch and pasted it onto the skirt pattern. Simple as that, seriously! And I lengthened it quite a lot. As cute as the shorty short version would be, I know I'd very rarely wear them that way.
Here's a back view with uncombed hair:

And here in combination with the jacket, for colder days. It IS a Fall/Winter/Spring set after all.

But since we are moving into Spring, nobody will keep me from wearing these pieces with sunglasses and sandals - Sartorialist, here I come!

 Black really doesn't photograph well, but I tell you, those shorts are adorable, if I may say so myself. That skirt pattern is absolutely fabulous! If you don't own the BWO issue 10/2010 you can buy the pattern online here at BurdaStyle. I don't get money to promote this or anything, but I was seriously thrilled with this pattern. I LOVE Karl.
Here are my paper dolls...

I am pretty excited that the pieces are all turning out very close to what I had originally drawn. Now off to the skirt and T-shirt!
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  1. Dein "10 piece travel set" sieht ja schon super aus!
    Besonders die Bluse gefällt mir gut, aber die ist ja auch so schön retro und Tupfen hat sie auch noch!
    Aber wie schaffst du es soviel zu nähen und auch noch darüber zu bloggen? Gegen dich nehme ich mich ja wie eine Schnecke aus...


  2. Awesome combination - love your sketches!