Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Fab Coat Now Wearable!

Here it is, my February contribution to the Refashion co-op!

I would say there are two categories of refashion projects:
  1. The ones you make out of items that are just not fashionable anymore the way they are.
  2. The ones you make with garments that don't fit anymore (or that need mending...).

This one belongs to the second category:

This is a vintage coat I actually really adore. The problem: Just a bit too tight. It doesn't show that well in the pictures - also because I am basically only wearing a T-Shirt underneath - but it really had a bit of a straight-jacket-feel to it. Especially around the arms - I could barely lift them. And while I love the slit in the back, with the coat being so tight it sprang open a bit too much over my behind... ;-)

Generally though, I love the shape of it...

It took some courage, but then I just went ahead and cut it open. Well actually, I opened existing seams on the side and the sleeves, so that I could theoretically sew it back to it's original state should I ever want to...:

...and I inserted a strip of black wool fabric all along the side seams and the sleeve seams. To "round up" the look and make the stripe be incorporated I also covered the back upper collar with the black fabric:

And that's it already... It fits really well now even with thick sweaters underneath, while still keeping it's original tailored look... and the back slit doesn't spring open as much anymore but hangs down in a more relaxed way...:

Of course I also had to add a stripe of fabric to the lining. I made it black, mainly because I had black lining in my stash, but I like that bit of detail...

I actually really like how the pockets go over the stripes:

...and it's amazing how the black collar adds to the look:

All in all, this coat is now worn by me almost daily, as opposed to just be hanging in my closet. Mission accomplished!

For those of you visiting from Refashion Co-op, I have a "VOTE AND WIN" going on to help me choose what vintage pattern I will be sewing up next - you can win a vintage pattern by giving your vote. No strings attached ;-)

Best to all of you!


  1. So awesome, seriously, I love all of your projects!  Off to check out your vote and win.

  2. Excellent job! What a great idea! And yes, placing the pocket back over the black stripe... makes it look like it was originally made that way! 

  3. Wow- I love it!  

  4. What a brilliant refashion! Way to be courageous and just cut it open. I love the black collar detail and the way the pockets go over the stripes, and that back opening is just delicious with its little buttons! Definitely worth redoing so that it is wearable. 

  5. I love it! It looks awesome!

  6. Wonderful. Love it. I may have carried it one step further with Black buttons.

  7. SnoodledoodlepoodleMarch 2, 2012 at 8:28 PM

    I love this!!  Great job! Seriously cool!!

  8. This is so amazing, you did a BEAUTIFUL job!

  9. wow, katja.  this is STUNNING.  it really looks like it was always meant to be this way.  i know what you mean about finding the courage to open up those sides seams, i have a green velvet blazer that's way to snug and i'm terrified to cut it apart! 

  10. Very impressive Katja!  I don't know if I would have had the guts to cut it open (even just undoing the side seams), but the end result is superb!  

  11. I have to say, that coat looks the Biz.