Monday, April 21, 2014


Just a quick little something for you to smile at:

I knitted a pair of gloves for myself this winter, and I think it was actually my husbands idea to make a little cap for the right index finger. Depending on what kind of smart-phone-user you are, you could of course also choose to make this for your thumbs...

It actually proves to be more than a silly gimmick - now I don't always have to take the whole glove off, with the danger of dropping and loosing it...

You can't really see it from the top, and it's not bothersome from the inside, either.

When you aren't on your phone, you can just put the hoodie back on and enjoy winter wonderland.

If you are a knitter, you can figure this out by yourself for sure. If you are not, my following sketch is probably not going to be of much help. I am showing you anyway:

  1. Cast off half the stitches of the finger (on the inside of the hand!), about 2cm before it's finished length.
  2. Cast on the same amount of stitches on an extra needle and knit 2 rows.
  3. Now continue knitting the finger, and when you reach the cast-off section, put in the newly knit little inset and continue knitting as before, finishing the finger.
  4. Fix the little flap from the cast-on section with two stitches on each side - it overlaps with the last two rows before you cast-off.

Voilà, hand-knit gloves of the new generation. :-)

Other than that, I am totally looking forward to summer!

Take care,


  1. Neat idea! What size needles did you use?

  2. Thanks! I think it was a 2,5 (European). I used regular wool for socks...

  3. Hallo Katja, das sind ja tolle Sachen die du machst. Ich hänge auch an den Nadeln, aber bei mir ist das vielleicht noch etwas selbstverständlicher - ich bin schon Ü60....
    Wo gibt es das "Grundmuster" für die Smatphone-Gloves?