Wednesday, August 1, 2012

T-Shirt Refashion-Extravaganza! Project 3

Well, after my 3- and 4-shirt re-fashions, what can follow? Sure, the 5-shirts would be obvious, but no, I am following up with a simple t-shirt from a t-shirt. But:

It's a refashioned refashion!

I am totally in love with it now, which is why I find it worth reporting even though it is such a small little project.
The first time I made this, it started from a thrifted knit tank:

...which I combined with some jersey I had in my stack. And it turned into this, which I don't think I ever posted, because well, for obvious reasons:

While I like the pattern, it turned out much too big for me, and I also had no pants or skirts to wear it with. So it just sat in the closet, sadly.

I was going to combine it with a satin tunic which I would have used as skirt, but I liked the top so much and it was going to work so well with many pants and skirts I own, that I just kept it as a top.

 I basically just lifted the hip band part up to under the bust, cut off the sleeves and draped it around on the dress form until I had a nice cowl neck. See how well it goes with these pants?

Well that is it already, but I promise the next project is the grand finale. With a big how-to and everything. A maxi dress, using up a lot of our t-shirt left overs!

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Welcome all the new readers! I hope to inspire you. Please let me know if you have ideas, questions or any type of constructive criticism!


  1. Agy of Green IssuesAugust 1, 2012 at 6:07 PM

    Awesome refashion! 

  2. Very clever re-invention Katja! Looks fab with those trousers. I have a long cut off skirt bottom that I had thought to do the same with the neckline and making it into a tunic or short dress. Your cowl neckline has inspired me to definitely try it!  x