Saturday, July 21, 2012

T-Shirt Refashion-Extravaganza! Project 1

Is there anything better to wear in summer than a one-piece-jersey dress? No double layers and bulking at the waist, and you can just throw it in the washing machine like a regular t-shirt and don't even have to iron it afterwards. Well, it was time I made myself some of these!

I had cleaned out my closet a while ago, and - being a Re-fashionista - it took care of the problem in the closet, but made the one in the sewing room much worse... The ever growing pile of fabrics and clothes-to-be-refashioned...!

Look at the huge pile of T-shirts I had sorted out - some because of the wrong fit, some because of stains, some from my husband, and well, many because I just actually don't really wear t-shirts at all:

Much better than the sales bin at a fabric store, right? :-)

This dress was super quick - I chose three shirts: A pink one from a production I was in, a black one from Finland (both shirts from good quality jersey but I just never really wore them), and a striped one which had stains...

I took them over to the dress form and just started playing around with them. The wide collar of the striped shirt was perfect for an off-the-shoulder dress, and the black one made a perfect skirt - it has no seams at the sides and the elk-print goes around it, so I couldn't cut into it anyway:

Once I had decided how the dress should look, I started cutting into the shirts. The mid-section of the pink one was to become the main bodice piece - maybe I will some day sew a shirt out of all the logos from my production t-shirts, so I kept that intact. I also cut away the hem - if you want to become an efficient re-fashionista, you'll always keep those hems. They can come in so handy! 

Then I put the pink mid-section on the dress form again and over that the striped neck. As you see, I used pins to mark the line where the pink shirt had to be cut off:

Then it really was just a matter of minutes, sewing it all together - I didn't even take any more pictures!

I used one of the sleeve-hems from the black t-shirt to finish the one armhole.

And guess what, once again I put it on and wore it out right after finishing it. I am obviously becoming better at making things that I actually wear, yea!

Oh, and here's the back. I always want to see the back of my clothes. I don't think enough people are aware of what they look like from behind :-)

Here is a sneak peak of my next t-shirt-refashion project:

It's finished already and I used 4 shirts for that one... To be posted soon!

Happy sewing and a great summer to you all!


  1. HAHA I love that you kept the Elk print, fantastic! Well done.

  2. Thank you! I also love the elk, and also the fact that it says Finland, on a real summery dress :-)

  3. wonderful idea hope i can make one too like you got a lot of old and big size t shirts

  4. the print placement is superb, and i love your asymmetrical shoulder.

  5. Bravo, vraiment extraordinaire. J'adoe

  6. I just discovereI just discovered this blog, totally awesome posts will be coming back soon :)d this blog, totally awesome posts will be coming back soon :)

  7. es exactamente lo que necesitaba tengo muchas prendas que debo reciclar gracias por la idea es genial!!