Tuesday, April 17, 2012

My "Pillow Cape"!

Nope, it is not a misprint, I really mean Pillow CaPe. Because well, it used to be a Pillow Case, and it is now a Cape. *Grin*

 This is my contribution to the refashion co-op, a bit late, I apologize. Not only have things been crazy in my "real life", I have also been away from the sewing machine AND from any decent internet connection. So the few things I DID make, I haven't posted about. Sometime later this month everything should calm down.

Spring is here! While it is still a bit chilly in Vienna, people are starting to sit outside. The cafes are all providing blankets, but how about just wearing a cuddly pillow? 
This was a very inexpensive pillow from some huge Swedish furniture store. It had a zipper and all I did was open a few seams and sew it back together in a different way...

In the picture above, all I had done was open the bottom seam, and it already looked like a cape!

So you need to open all the seams except for one adjoining the zipper side (where it says "FOLD", that's the seam you leave closed), and except for that little bit in the top right corner in the picture above.

 Now you fold the corner with letter B to point A and attach it there with a few stitches (as seen in the picture below) and sew from B to point x (as sketched in the picture above)

This is a different fabric which I used as a muslin

Below you see those points A and B sewn together...

...I ended up cutting the bottom off...

Cut off the excess fabric from the diagonal seams you made from B to X, and then you cut some sleeve-openings (starting at point x), sew bias tape around the bottom and around the sleeve holes and you are done!
I pulled a cord through the bottom, so I can tie it in just a bit:

That's what it looked like from the back, before bias-taping the sleeve-openings.

What do you think? It sure is cozy and warm! I might install a different zipper, as this one doesn't open at the bottom and you have to put the cape on over your head, but then again, that was the fun - that I was able to leave that much from the original pillow case...

I really like the drapey back...

If you have questions or remarks, feel free to let me know!
Best to all of you,



  1. That's a clever idea! It looks cozy too (^_^)

  2. Francine Johnson McGeeOctober 8, 2013 at 3:41 AM

    That is SO smart and creative!! I don't think I would have ever thought to turn a pillow cover into a cape! I love it! ESPECIALLY leaving the zipper in!