Monday, January 30, 2012


Here it is, my January contribution to the Refashion Co-op!
I'm sure you have at some point been in your boyfriend/husband/brother's closet? Wearing "his" clothes can be so great - but it gets better! Get him to hand it down to you and you can "tune" it to your needs...

This is what I made from my husbands old, gray suit:

 The Before:

I wrote a full how-to for this project in two posts:
the first one is all about the pants HERE
and the second is about fitting the bodice HERE

This post is just about show-and-tell...;-))

It can be worn buttoned up, or - as I prefer - more casual, sleeves up and collar out. I will be spicing it up with accessories, but to show you the details, I wanted to leave it plain.

Ever since overalls started popping up on the runways one (or is it already two) seasons ago, I wanted to own one. Then my husband gave me the suit, and the rest is history ;-)))


I first dyed it, then cut it up - but I made sure all the difficult-to-sew details remained intact - zipper, sleeve cuffs, collar, pockets...

In THIS POST I am showing you how I fitted the pants - something you can always use, also in a separate project...


Then ia second post - coming up soon - I will talk about the transformation/fitting of the bodice.
And I still owe you the post about my fabric-stash-diminishing projects:

And then of course, I'll continue the 1938 dress tutorial posts!

Whew! I'd better get to it now!
Hope you are all well!


  1. this is so great! I can't wait to see everything else.

  2. This outfit is great, so unique. I love especially the material. Always when I check your blog, I just can say, that you are very talented!

    Ps.: I also love thrifting in my husband's closet. Before I used to arrive too late and he had thrown his clothes away, but for now he give me even his old socks :)

  3. How cool is the suit ..... and I love the way you've styled it. I wonder if you have worn it out yet?

  4. Wow that is so clever - looking forward to your 'how-to' posts!

  5. Thank you for your lovely comments! I just finished the project and haven't worn it out yet, only around the house yesterday. But I definitely will! Hanni - I love the socks-bit :-)))