Friday, December 16, 2011

Winter Accessory Extravaganza! Part 2

Welcome to part 2 of my extravaganza!

Without much further ado, I will move on to the how-to of the remaining three accessories. First up:


For these, I gathered up some dark blue velvet (I know, it looks black in the photos), white faux fur and super glamorous buttons I found in my Grandma's old sewing box.

Cut rectangles so that they will overlap nicely over your wrist, but this time, you don't have to be careful about making them wide enough to slip your hand through, as these ones will stay open. Just don't forget to add the seam allowances.

Sew around three edges, cut off the corners and turn it outside out (can you say that?). Then I simply folded in the seam allowances of the remaining edge and zigzagged it shut - the stitches disappear in the fabric and this will be the edge that is covered anyway. I used dark blue on top and a white thread at the bottom.

 Sew buttons to the Zigzagged edge and elastic loops at the other and you are done!

 Of course, you could also make these with regular button holes, but with the fur I didn't think it would be a good idea. Also, with the elastic loops, you have a bit of flexibility - you can wear it on bare arms or over a heavy sweater...



Uh, well, yes, while digging through my fabrics I also discovered an old coat. These gaiter leg warmers were.... yes.... the sleeves.

I cut them off and paired them together with two identical narrow belts I had...

The sleeve cap was left on, I only took a small amount off at the very top. Then I folded the lining and shell fabric in and zigzagged twice around from the right side:

 The shape is by no means a perfect gaiter shape, but I decided it was close enough for me. I kind of like the bulked up look... I added a wide elastic to put around the heels and was done. That quickly.

You could add belt loops and longer belts to wrap around, and maybe you need an elastic at the top for them to stay up, but mine fit perfectly just the way they were... Or maybe your sleeves are too tight to fit around your leg, then maybe the wrist part can be the bottom of the leg warmer instead.
They work really well with flats - as in the picture above - and just as well with heels, as below...:

And last but not least:


For these, I gathered up a bunch of denim scraps, 6 short zippers, some blue silk for the lining and black bias tape.

Cut three rectangles of each fabric, the same hight as the zippers and one third of your wrist width. Add seam allowances to the wrist and calculate in how much width the zipper will add...

Lay one denim piece right side up on the table, put a zipper face down onto it, and finish it off with a piece of lining, right side down:

With a zipper foot, sew that edge. Repeat on the other side of that piece with a zipper, but make the zipper top be on the opposite side! Then, do the same for the last zipper, but sew the fabrics on each side:

Now sew the remaining seams and put bias tape around the edges, leaving an opening of course at the zipper tops (at least on one of the two that are facing the same way...). You could make this with only two zippers too, but the important thing is that they open from opposite sides, that way you can slip your hands through.

My husband actually suggested that the third zipper would be a pocket. Now isn't that a cute idea? I might have to follow up on that one!
I hope these explanations were sufficient. If you have questions, just let me know!

If you haven't already seen part one of the accessory extravaganza, you'll find it HERE.

I hope you're all staying nice and cuddly warm!

Speaking of accessories - there is an amazing give-away over at THINKING IN SHAPES, a blog that I have just discovered. I highly recommend the blog, not just because of the give-away - I just love her clothes! The give-away ends today, Dec. 16th, so you better be quick!

Tomorrow I'll post my next DIVA COAT making-of, finally!


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