Thursday, November 3, 2011

Panda Bear Hug Cape

We all know how clothes can be used to express personality, right? But they can really set the mood for a whole day, too.

While in this picture I am trying to present this cape all cool, edgy and hip, I have to admit it makes me feel really warm, soft and lovable. Not only does it feel as if a Panda bear is giving me a hug all day long but I also want to give hugs to everybody. I work in the theater, and we are all pretty touchy-feely there, so I actually did hug a couple people and I definitely felt that they didn't want to let me go anymore. There were strokes over my back, hands lingering on my upper arm, cuddly leanings on my shoulder. What a day! And all caused by a simple cape.

The pattern is actually really cool, practically only one piece, except for the facing. And the best part is: it's free! It's called Elena and you can get it HERE. I'm not sure it comes in English, but if you have the paper pattern, it's really simple to sew together. I used Fleece instead of Jersey, which explains the Panda bear effect a little... It also goes extremely well with the tulip skirt called Minu from the same site. Not for free, but 3,90 Euros for the download really isn't very much. You can find that one HERE. It's a VERY quick project to sew!

This is the skirt minu from the same site as the cape elena...
It goes just as well with more elegant things as with casual, sportive outfits, and works zipped, half-zipped or even unzipped. I got lots of compliments for this piece, which further improved my days. If you make it out of fleece like me, it is super cozy and warm.

Oh and have you noticed my good-mood ring, too? I love it, because it actually makes people smile. Complete strangers on the subway, who happen to notice it, just start smiling. They might not look me in the eyes or anything, but at least they smile.

All seams were done with my serger, then I blanket-stitched around all the edges, just to give that little "hey,-this-is-NOT-from-your-cheap-chain-store"-effect to it.

More power to good-mood clothing - it can improve your day a lot! I had lost the courage to have fun with how I dress for the past few years and I am so happy that I seem to slowly rediscover a sense of humor and personality in my clothes... .

For those of you who are wondering what is peeking out from under the cape on the dress form: I am trying to turn an old pair of pants into a cool, draped top.

Stay tuned to see if it works out...

Panda Hugs to you all out there!


  1. Wollte dir nur mal eben sagen, dass ich deinen Panda Klasse finde... und die Fotos sind große Klasse... und der neue Blog-Hintergrund ebenso (wobei auch der alte sehr, sehr cool war). Habe mir deinen Blog kurz in der dynamischen Ansicht anzeigen lassen (Flipcard) und muss sagen, dass man in der Übersicht sehr schön deinen einzigartigen Stil erkennen kann. Und durch dich bin ich drauf gekommen bei Schnittchen zu gucken, und ich finde diesen gelben Mantel/Jacke total gut... also : Weitermachen! :-)

  2. I love your blog's new look! And it does sound nice to wear a hug from a panda:)

  3. Hi, I am an amateur seamstress in Japan and very pleased to find your blog here!
    I was looking for some ideas for mini cape at BurdaStyle, for one of my stocked wool fabrics, then I was really intrigued by your Panda Bear Hug cape. This is so cool AND cute!
    I am finding other projects of yours are also very attractive, so let me check all of them this weekend.

  4. Thank you very much Senouna! I hope you read this - as I cannot contact you any other way! The Panda Cape is a free pattern, and even though the instructions are in German and you say you are a beginner, I'm sure you could figure it out easily. If you have questions, just ask! Best, Katja

  5. Dear KATJA,
    Thank you for encouragement!
    Using this pattern, I just whipped up a reversible cape. , as you can see in my blog (I attached the topic's URL with my name. Soryy the blog is all in Japanese).
    I used a scrap of wool mossa (light brown), and I found I couldn't fully close the front with a zipper (Well, I can close the zipper, but I am sure I can't move!). Therefore, I finished the cape with no front closing, but with whole lining with a tropical wool fabric (gray).
    It came out good, though some of the hem stitch is not straight.

    Thank you for introducing this good project, and I look forward to learning much more projects from you!