Saturday, April 16, 2011

Wow. Cool!

So wow, this is all so cool. I have to be careful not to get totally sucked up in the supportive world of blogging and loose touch with the real world around me completely. I did go shop at the farmers market and communicated with a lot of people there, so I should be ok. 

It's just so good to get this kind of feedback when you are starting out. And STYLE is actually exactly what I am trying to re-discover for myself. I once had it. Then I felt I had to look like everybody else. Long story, don't ask why!

Anyway, Charlotte from Sew Far Sew Good has passed this award to me, thank you so much!

I am asked to share 7 things about myself that you might not yet know (easy) and which might be of interest to you (hard).

1. I am originally from Switzerland (Z├╝rich), spent 1 year in California (High School), 5 years in New York and am now living in Vienna, Austria.

2.  I actually wanted to become a costume/set designer and somehow ended up on stage (I am musical-theater and classical singer).

3. I am a Capricorn with Scorpio in my Ascendant (I believe that is called the Rising Sign) and people who are into Astrology pity me for that.

4. None of my many lists will ever help me get everything done that is brewing up in my busy brain. I make them anyway. All the time. Every day. This is one too, but I actually got asked to make it. So there.

5. I would love to be really funny and witty in this list, but that would cost me a lot of brain power. I adore people who make me laugh.

6. My great-uncle was a designer and actually had runway shows in Paris, Milano and all these great places. I wasn't aware of that until about 2 years ago. My Grandma was a seamstress.

7. I love ZEN. When I eat, I eat. When I dance, I dance. When I drink, I drink. When I sew, I sew. My reality isn't always that way though, unfortunately.

So now I get to pass on the award. I choose Lauren from *dear golden*. Every time she posts something, I gasp. Check it out. True beauty. In every post.
Have a lovely weekend!

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